White chocolate mousse

A new dessert on the Finesse menu is a white chocolate mousse scented with Darjeeling tea, cinnamon, star anise & vanilla.


It is served on a bed of chocolate soil, fresh orange segments, orange scented chocolate ganache made with 66% mexique chocolate, orange sorbet made with fresh orange juice & mint sprigs.


The chocolate mousse is very light with delicate spicing & needs something rich & bitter like the chocolate mousse which in turn needs the cold freshness of the orange sorbet.

White chocolate mousse recipe

30ml      Water

1              Darjeeling tea bag

1/2          Vanilla pod

1             Star anise

1/2         Cinnamon stick

60g       Glucose syrup

3            Gelatine leaves bloomed

150g     White chocolate

300g    Double cream

Warm the water add tea bag, vanilla, star anise & cinnamon leave to infuse for thirty minutes.

Remove all the infusions & gently squeeze liquid from tea bag, add the glucose, return to the heat to dissolve the glucose, add bloomed gelatine then add the white chocolate add stir until combined.

whip the cream to medium peaks & fold into the chocolate 1/3 at a time.

Pour in to what ever shaped molds you want to use & refrigerate for 4 hours before turning out.




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