Twice Baked Cheese Soufflé

Friday mornings aboard the Finesse are cooking demonstrations in the beautiful open galley. We try to find something that could be recreated at home, the twice baked cheese souffle was very popular choice all season & I have had many requests to put the recipe here on the blog. This recipe can be made in…

White chocolate mousse

A new dessert on the Finesse menu is a white chocolate mousse scented with Darjeeling tea, cinnamon, star anise & vanilla. It is served on a bed of chocolate soil, fresh orange segments, orange scented chocolate ganache made with 66% mexique chocolate, orange sorbet made with fresh orange juice & mint sprigs. The chocolate mousse…

First menu of the summer

Dinner menu for the maiden cruise aboard the Finesse this summer. The menu will change weekly depending on seasonality & availability, also as we get used to the region we will find local suppliers & can create dishes around the great local ingredients.

Last cruise of the season

Today we welcomed our final guests of the season Mike & Sonja, James & Diane, Don & Joanne, Gary & Sue all from the USA. Our final cruise from Castet en Dorthe to Boe starts tomorrow morning, doesn’t seem 6 months ago we left Toulouse.