Cruising Pictures

A few photos of the Rosa cruising so far this summer. Early morning cruise out of Pommevic crusing on staircase upto Montech. Ecluse 17 at Saint Martin cruising down an avenue of beautiful plane trees. cruising off the river Tarn into deep double lock to enter the canal

Foie gras mi cuit

Local Gascon foie gras, pan seared mi cuit, half cooked, served on home made toasted pain d’epice, spiced bread, served with fresh raspberries, raspberry purée & chervil,

Duck hearts

this week we served confit duck hearts, coeur de canard, with the confit duck leg for lunch. The hearts were cooked sous vide for 8 hours at 82 degrees celsius with a table spoon of duck fat & then sautéed in span on the stove to create a little caramel on the outside. The hearts…


A new dish with a bit of my Cornish heritage. Pickled mackerel fillet on a bed of celeriac & pear template, seared mackerel fillet on a charred romane lettuce leaf, mackerel Wellington filled with spinach & tarragon & celeriac purée.