Trip to Sauternes

A trip from our stop in Castet-en-Dorthe to the world famous Sauternes AOC, the wine of Sauternes, praised as early as the XII century by Richard the Lionheart, was regarded by gourmets of bygone days as the finest of great white wines. Thanks to the 1855 Bordeaux Classification the quality & renown of Sauternes wines…


Rabbit saddle wrapped in Bayonne ham, terrine of confit rabbit leg & marjoram, seared rabbit kidney,   carrot purée, pistachio, sprout leaves, Madeira. The rabbit was served with Louis Jadot LaDoix 2011 from Burgundy, ladoix is a village north of Beaune in southern burgundy. Usually producers of red wine this white is produced with grapes…

Beef Bourguignon

As the tempretures drop it’s time to create warmer lunches & there is no more classic french dish than Beouf bourguignon. Beautiful ” Salers ” beef cheeks cooked down very slowly in Red Bordeaux wine with shallots, garlic, girolles, thyme & carrots. Finished with more carrots, smoked bacon & parsley The perfect lunch on deck…

Prune & Armagnac tart

One of the sweet treats associated with this area of France is the classic Prune & Armagnac tart made with the amazing dried sweet plums of Agen. One of the dishes from Rick Steins French Odyssey, which was filmed on the boat, however this recipe is different from that in the film as we use…

Last cruise of the season

Today we welcomed our final guests of the season Mike & Sonja, James & Diane, Don & Joanne, Gary & Sue all from the USA. Our final cruise from Castet en Dorthe to Boe starts tomorrow morning, doesn’t seem 6 months ago we left Toulouse.

Amuse Bouche

A ” Cassoulet ” of escargot (snails) with slow braised oxtai & parsley, garlic & walnut crumble. Cooking the snails in the cooking liqueur from the oxtail means they take on all the great flavours from the sauce.

Captains dinner starter

The starter in seven course captains dinner was a terrine of foie gras & fresh figs served with fresh figs, fig confiture made on the barge & pain D’Epice with honey. The terrine was cooked vaccum packed in a water bath at 53 degrees for twenty minutes, just long enough to allow the core to…

Goats cheese & beetroot revisited

Goats cheese mousse wrapped in carpaccio of candy beetroot served with golden beetroot, candy beetroot, beetroot purée, pumpkin seeds & pea shoots.

Early morning mist

Castet en Dorthe our weekend change over point, early morning mist sitting over the canal as the sun breaks through.

62.8 degree sous vide egg

Replating of previous dish, sous vide egg cooked for forty five minutes at 62.8 degrees, served with parsley & walnut crumble, girolles, pumpkin seeds, parmesan, & pea shoots.