About bargechef

Bargechef is about cooking & cruising aboard a luxury hotel canal barge, this season the Finesse in burgundy, all the produce we discover along the way & dishes we create onboard.


I was trained in the southwest of the U.K, specifically Cornwall, then worked in a number of fine dining restaurants around the county. This led to working in the French alps & restaurant in the south of France, which in turn led to working aboard the barges.

Working aboard is a amazing for a chef, the amount of fresh local produce available to create dishes with & the fact you work through three seasons with the ever changing produce makes cooking a pleasure.

Using the contact form I can reply to recipe & menu requests, or any other info I can help with.

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  1. Hoping you’ll get to Paris for a visit – our turn to cook for the barge chef!


    1. mikecrowson says:

      Hi Susan sorry I haven’t been in touch, hoping to head up to Paris when I finish here, thanks for all the photos.


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