Lemon tart

Dessert on the Finesse menu was my modern take on lemon tart, an intense free standing lemon cream like you find in a lemon tart, a gluten free almond biscuit to represent the pastry case, an isomalt sugar glass to replace the glazed top on a traditional lemon tart, lemon fluid gel, fresh raspberries, dehydrated lemon crisp & a fresh raspberry & chambord sorbet.


The sugar glass, known as Opaline, is made by boiling fondant icing, glucose & isomalt together to 140 c and then cooling on a mat before grinding to a powder. You sprinkle the powder in the desired shape on a silpat mat & baking in the oven to form a sugar glass.





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  1. Barge Charters, Paradise Connections says:

    Oh my gosh… How beautiful. I want one… NOW!

    Thanks for your emails, Sheila Paradise Connections


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