Lamb Provencal

Lamb dish from this week on the Finesse, local lamb fillet which has been cooked sous vide at 56 degrees for 45 minutes before being seated very quickly in a frying pan, lamb needs to be well seared in a pan to create the caramel on the meat. The lamb is served with courgette, aubergine…

Chocolate sphere

desert for Friday’s gala dinner was a tempered chocolate sphere, one half of which was filled with chocolate, hazelnut & almond praline which was topped with a chocolate caramel mousse, the other half was filled with a sharp apricot gel topped with an apricot mousse, after the two halves were put together the sphere was…

Sous vide egg & Orthinogale

A starter aboard Finesse this week featured Orthinogale, also known as wild asparagus. A sous vide slow cooked hens egg, cooked at 63 degrees for an hour served with Orthinogale, local cured ham crisped in the oven & a hollandaise purée. The egg cooked in its shell in a water bath for an hour is…

Lemon tart

Dessert on the Finesse menu was my modern take on lemon tart, an intense free standing lemon cream like you find in a lemon tart, a gluten free almond biscuit to represent the pastry case, an isomalt sugar glass to replace the glazed top on a traditional lemon tart, lemon fluid gel, fresh raspberries, dehydrated…

Scallops & Romanesque Broccoli

After many scallop & cauliflower dishes aboard the barges, a variation from the brassica family is scallops with Romanesque broccoli served as a starter aboard the Finesse. Also known as Roman cauliflower, chartreuse in colour it creates a very very smooth pure a little nutty in flavour, it pairs with the same things as cauliflower,…

Foie Gras

At the end of the week on Friday on the Finesse we have a last evening gala dinner, this week the starter was a pressed foie gras & raspberry terrine served with fresh raspberries, raspberry purée & pea shoots. A whole lobe of foie gras is bought to room temperature & then gently deveined, then…

Chocolate delice

A dessert from last nights dinner aboard the Finesse, dark chocolate delice, made with 70% chocolate, served on chocolate soil with fres strawberries, dried strawberry crisps, strawberry & red pepper sorbet, lemon cress.

The Finesse

The Finesse moored in Saint-Jean-de-Losne, our starting point one week & finish the following week. Although in these pictures she looks deceptively small at 38 metres long she is 8 meters longer than her sister boat the Enchante which cruises the Canal du Midi.

First lunch of the season

Our maiden cruise aboard the Finesse & we have just served our first lunch of the season, a beautiful warm day in burgundy, so for the starter we served a tomato salad of green zebree, marmande & crimee noir tomato, oven dried cherry tomato, mozzarella cheese, avocado, salad onion, basil & dressed with basil oil….

Barge Finesse

A few days before our maiden cruise & the Finesse is guest ready. The finesse interior upper deck is an open plan lounge dining area & open kitchen. The Finesse has four ultra deluxe cabins with unsuite bathrooms.

Welcome to my new kitchen

Aboard the Finesse for the first time I have a demonstration kitchen, beautiful kitchen with marbel work tops & all the toys a chef could need. The kitchen is a metre from the dining table in the dining room, so guests can see everything that happens in the kitchen. it also means we can do…

First menu of the summer

Dinner menu for the maiden cruise aboard the Finesse this summer. The menu will change weekly depending on seasonality & availability, also as we get used to the region we will find local suppliers & can create dishes around the great local ingredients.