Lamb Provencal

Lamb dish from this week on the Finesse, local lamb fillet which has been cooked sous vide at 56 degrees for 45 minutes before being seated very quickly in a frying pan, lamb needs to be well seared in a pan to create the caramel on the meat.


The lamb is served with courgette, aubergine caviar, oven roasted cherry tomatoes, black olive tapenade, potato rosti, anchovy & red wine & herb de Provence sauce.


Olives, anchovys & lamb are a match made in heaven, black olive tapenade is very easy to make & has so many uses.

Black olive tapenade

250g       Stoned black olives

1              Clove garlic

2 tsps.   Capers

Small bunch parsley

6.             Anchovy fillets

1/2          Lemon juiced

60ml      Olive oil

Season to taste

blend all the ingredients to the required consistency depending on hope chunky you prefer.


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