Finesse on film

Earlier this season a film crew came to the Finesse to make a promotional film about the boat, the outcome was a really great short film which can be seen at this link

Autumnal Venison

End of the season on the Rosa & the markets are full of the new seasons produce. Many varieties of wild mushrooms are in season here, black trompettes, ceps, chanterelles & girolles which have chosen to use here. There are also pumpkins & squash of all sorts from crown prince, acorn, spaghetti & potimarron which…

Rocamadour goats cheese

A light cheese course for the lunch menu, Rocamadour goats cheese baked in the oven on a crouton of baguette paysanne, a drizzle of local honey & served with a little herb salad & black cherry compote. Rocamadour goats cheese belongs to a family of goats cheeses called Cabecou from Quercy, the name is derived…

Foie gras

As the seasons move on here the garnish changes on dishes according to what is currently fresh & available, with autumn upon us pears which can be seen growing in orchards all the way along our cruising route, are perfect match for the local foie gras. Here a whole lobe of foie gras has been…


Rabbit is a much used protein in this area of France & very plentiful, a classic dish in this region is a stew of rabbit with prunes so over the last few weeks we have been serving the whole rabbit including its offal in modern interpretations of this classic dish for both starter & main…


This really is revisiting an old dish but with some new garnish & new presentation. Pan seared scallops with a roasted cauliflower purée scented by ras el hanout, sliced purple cauliflower & florets, roasted sliced cauliflower, sliced romanesque, dehydrated capers, baby coriander herb. We have also enlarged the dish to create a main course, for…

Lunch salad

Lunches aboard the Rosa seem to have been neglected a little, here is a salad from Monday lunch. Green salad leaf, violet endive, black olives, artichoke hearts, cherry tomato, sun blush tomato, red salad onion, cornichons & pumpkin seeds.

Fig tart tatin

New dessert of fig tart Tatum with brown butter ice cream. Figs have just come into season in the south west, here a whole fig is made into an individual tart tatin, served with honey , a roasted fig segment, chocolate soil & a brown butter ice cream.

Fromage Torteau

Walking into a market in the south of France always a pleasure as a chef, there is always something new but what appeared to be a burnt offering at the cheese stall in Aguillon market intrigued me as I have never seen anything g like it before. Although it appears to be completely burnt this…


A new dish with a bit of my Cornish heritage. Pickled mackerel fillet on a bed of celeriac & pear template, seared mackerel fillet on a charred romane lettuce leaf, mackerel Wellington filled with spinach & tarragon & celeriac purée.


Starter of Quail, sous vide Quail breast, confit Quail leg, soft boiled Quail egg on a nest of violet potato, girolles mushrooms, wilted spinach, puy lentils & Quail & thyme sauce.

Bouillbaisse !

Bouillbaisse is a classic french fish stew from Marseille usually served in a deep bowl, on the Rosa we serve all the components laid out on a plate so they can be seen clearly, then at the table we pour the thick rich sauce onto the plate which brings the dish alive in front of…