Rocamadour goats cheese

A light cheese course for the lunch menu, Rocamadour goats cheese baked in the oven on a crouton of baguette paysanne, a drizzle of local honey & served with a little herb salad & black cherry compote.


Rocamadour goats cheese belongs to a family of goats cheeses called Cabecou from Quercy, the name is derived from the village of Rocamadour in the department of the Lot, the cheese was granted an AOC in 1996 & now has to be made under the conditions of the AOC, generally the cheese is 12- 15 days old & best served warm on a toasted crouton or in warm goats cheese salad, which you see on almost every restaurant menu in the region as either a main starter or main course.

Cabecou which is a generic name for all of these cheeses does not carry an AOC only Rocamadour.



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