Bouillbaisse !

Bouillbaisse is a classic french fish stew from Marseille usually served in a deep bowl, on the Rosa we serve all the components laid out on a plate so they can be seen clearly, then at the table we pour the thick rich sauce onto the plate which brings the dish alive in front of…

Chocolate & Cherry

A new new dessert aboard the Rosa this season, a tempered chocolate filled with chocolate, hazelnut & almond praline at the bottom, covered with a milk chocolate mousse, served with chocolate coated cherries, fresh cherries, kirsch soaked griottines cherries hazelnut caramel spears, chocolate soil & a cherry sorbet.


Canapes from the welcome aboard last week on the Rosa, tomato gazpacho in little glasses & a cheese brûlée topped with wild asparagus tips. Every week we have a welcome aboard with a selection of canapés & Champagne ! Smoked salmon roulade with creme fraiche, lime & corriander with a tomato & goats cheese croustade.

Sous vide cooking

Almost all the meat on the barge is cooked sous vide, a modern exact temperature cooking technique. As requested by a number of guests interested in this technique here is a little detail & the temperatures I use. This style of cooking has a lot of benefits including consistency of cooking, no shrinkage of the…


The most popular lunch dessert & most requested recipe at the beginning of this season has been the classic & humble Clafoutis. Clafoutis is a sweet batter mix that is baked filled with unstoned cherries, the stones are left in because the give the batter a slight almond flavour during baking. Clafoutis comes from the…


The Rosa in her weekend mooring at the port in Montauban.

Duck Rossini

alnut Another new dish from the Rosa for this season, in honour of Gascony is Duck Rossini using the breast & foie gras of Moulard duck, the breed used in foie gras production in the region, a cross between Muscovy & White Pekin duck. The duck breast was first cooked for 2 hours sous vide…

Lamb Provençal

New season on the Rosa, one of  the new dishes on the Rosa, Lamb with Provençal vegetables. Fillet of lamb cooked sous vide at 49 degrees centigrade & then pan seared on a fondant potato pave, served with courgette, aubergine, red peppers & cherry tomatoes all individually cooked on a tomato, red pepper, herb de…

Panna Cotta

Honey panna cotta served with sticky gingerbread, rhubarb purée & sous vide cooked rhubarb. The rhubarb has been vacuum packed with a little sugar & cooked at 61 degrees for 45 minutes, under vacuum at this temperature the rhubarb keeps it’s structure & does not go mushy as it does when it’s traditionally poached. The…

New season

Just over a month left before returning to the Rosa on 19th April for another summer season cruising through beautiful Gascony & all the amazing produce from the region.