Panna Cotta

Honey panna cotta served with sticky gingerbread, rhubarb purée & sous vide cooked rhubarb.


The rhubarb has been vacuum packed with a little sugar & cooked at 61 degrees for 45 minutes, under vacuum at this temperature the rhubarb keeps it’s structure & does not go mushy as it does when it’s traditionally poached.


The gingerbread is very sticky but overpowering for either the honey in the panna cotta or the rhubarb & gets even better if kept for a couple of days.

Gingerbread recipe

150 g.    Butter

200 g.    Golden syrup

200 g.    Molasses

125 g.     Dark soft brown sugar

1tsp.        Ground ginger

1 tsp.        Ground cinnamon

1 tsp.        Bi carbonate of soda

250 ml.     Full fat milk

2.               Eggs

300 g.        Plain flour

Preheat the oven to 170 C, line a 20 cm square roasting tin.

In saucepan melt the butter, sugar, syrup, molasses, ginger & cinnamon.

remove from the heat, dissolve the bi-carb in 30 ml of warm water & add to the butter mix along with the eggs  & milk which have been whisked together.

Pour the wet mix onto the flour and beat to a smooth batter, it will be a very wet mix, pour the batter into you lined tin and bake for 45 – 60 minutes.



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