Duck Rossini


Another new dish from the Rosa for this season, in honour of Gascony is Duck Rossini using the breast & foie gras of Moulard duck, the breed used in foie gras production in the region, a cross between Muscovy & White Pekin duck.


The duck breast was first cooked for 2 hours sous vide at 52 degrees centigrade & then the skin rendered down over a medium heat in a pan, it is served with pan seared mi cuit ( half cooked ) foie gras.


Jerusalem artichokes roasted, puréed & crisps, walnut granola, baby fondant potatoes, spinach & a Chateau Camarsac red wine & duck stock sauce.

Chateau Camarsac is another great Gascon product coming from entre deux mers in the Bordeaux wine region.

A complete taste of the great produce this region has to offer.



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