Every week on Finesse I speak to the new guests on arrival afternoon to discuss their food requirements, this week our English guests asked if it was possible to have rabbit, not everyone’s favourite choice, but happens to be the chefs & it was a pleasure to prepare & cook a much under rated ingredient.


The whole rabbit is used here with them  loins from the saddle rolled in Serrano ham, stuffed with braised leg meat, a small amount of liver because rabbit liver is a very strong flavour & tarragon. A faggot made up of braised rabbit leg, liver, smoked bacon, tarragon & parsley, then wrapped in caul fat. Rabbit kidneys which have been lightly sautéd, braised baby leeks, carrot purée, potato croquette with diced smoked bacon & parsley. The dish is finished with a sauce made from the liquid from braising the legs.



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