Dinner tonight aboard the Finesse, herb crusted fillet of lamb served on a bed of wilted spinach, fondant potatoes, baby carrots, banana shallots, roasted garlic purée & broad beans. Lamb fillet is cooked sous vide at 56 centigrade for 45 minutes before being sealed in a frying pan, brushed with Dijon mustard & the…


Every evening before dinner aboard the Finesse we serve canapes with pre dinner dinks, we try to do something a little different like what we call our goats cheese Oreos. Olive bread filled with whipped goats cheese, topped with black olive tapenade & baby basil Spoons containing little potato & shallot rosti, topped with pan…


Every week on Finesse I speak to the new guests on arrival afternoon to discuss their food requirements, this week our English guests asked if it was possible to have rabbit, not everyone’s favourite choice, but happens to be the chefs & it was a pleasure to prepare & cook a much under rated ingredient….

Finesse Bouillabaisse

Tonights main course for dinner aboard the Finesse the French classic bouillabaisse, sea bream, John Dory, cod , tiger prawns, scallops, clams, as-Arabia, fresh fennel pollen & lemon cress, all in sauce made from the fish bones, prawn heads, fennel, garlic, red peppers, tomatoes, onions, saffron, harrissa  & tarragon.

Lemon tart

As you will have seen if you have been following the blog for a while the lemon tart has had many incarnations, but after working on textures and flavours for many summer months I have finally found the right balance of textures & flavours. The lemon creme is the same but it’s now on a…

First lunch of the season

Our maiden cruise aboard the Finesse & we have just served our first lunch of the season, a beautiful warm day in burgundy, so for the starter we served a tomato salad of green zebree, marmande & crimee noir tomato, oven dried cherry tomato, mozzarella cheese, avocado, salad onion, basil & dressed with basil oil….

Beef Bourguignon

As the tempretures drop it’s time to create warmer lunches & there is no more classic french dish than Beouf bourguignon. Beautiful ” Salers ” beef cheeks cooked down very slowly in Red Bordeaux wine with shallots, garlic, girolles, thyme & carrots. Finished with more carrots, smoked bacon & parsley The perfect lunch on deck…

Steamed Cod

Entree from Tuesdy dinner, Steamec Cod with violet cauliflower, violet cauliower purée, Romanesque, Haricot vert, Palourde.  

Chocolate Dessert

Dessert from this weeks dinner menu, chocolate caramel ganache, cherry & hazelnut financier, creme fraiche sorbet, caramel hazelnut.