Foie gras mi cuit

Local Gascon foie gras, pan seared mi cuit, half cooked, served on home made toasted pain d’epice, spiced bread, served with fresh raspberries, raspberry purée & chervil,

Duck hearts

this week we served confit duck hearts, coeur de canard, with the confit duck leg for lunch. The hearts were cooked sous vide for 8 hours at 82 degrees celsius with a table spoon of duck fat & then sautéed in span on the stove to create a little caramel on the outside. The hearts…


A new dish with a bit of my Cornish heritage. Pickled mackerel fillet on a bed of celeriac & pear template, seared mackerel fillet on a charred romane lettuce leaf, mackerel Wellington filled with spinach & tarragon & celeriac purée.