Cruising Pictures

A few photos of the Rosa cruising so far this summer.

Early morning cruise out of Pommevic

imagecrusing on staircase upto Montech.


Ecluse 17 at Saint Martin

imagecruising down an avenue of beautiful plane trees.


cruising off the river Tarn into deep double lock to enter the canal



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  1. how wonderful a journey cruising the Canal de Garonne
    all the pleasures find aboard
    with Captain Dominique
    Mikey the marvellous chef
    exquisite food he did prepare
    and taken care by the staff
    who guided the barge through quiet waters
    and the lochs
    not to forget the lovely lady who took good care of us
    and told us all about local cheeses and wines
    we drank and ate at lunch and dinner

    if you want a Journey of a Lifetime
    then book a trip
    you will be well pleased!


  2. wonderful!

    perhaps one day you will add what i wrote about Barge Rosa and you and the marvellous cuisine…





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