Pumpkin & rhubarb

An unusual ingredient for dessert, set pumpkin creme served with sous vide poached rhubarb, Parkin ( Yorkshire gingerbread ) & rhubarb fluid gel.



Parkin is a classic gingerbread that is very easy to make & keeps well in air tight container, it actually tastes better after a few days.

Parkin recipe

55 g.        Butter

85 g.        Golden syrup

25 g.        Black treacle

200 ml.    Whole milk

1.              Egg

200 g.      Flour

11 g.        Baking powder

2 tsps.     Ground ginger

1 tsp.       Bicarbonate of soda

Combine in a pan golden syrup, treacle & butter, melt butter over a low heat.

Combine flour, baking powder, bicarbonate & ginger, beat together milk & egg, then stir into the flour mix flollowed by the butter mix to form a smooth batter.

pour into a prepared baking tin & bake at 160 C for 40 – 50 minutes.


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