Rabbit & Pickled Chanterelles

Loin of rabbit with prunes wrapped in Serrano ham, ragu of rabbit  leg, rabbit kidneys, white carrot, baby carrot, carrot purée, pickled yellow chanterelles, spinach, madeira & marjoram sauce.


A good way of preserving any excess wild mushrooms is to lightly pickle them, they will keep for upto six months in pickling jars in the fridge.

The pickled mushrooms in this dish help to cut through the richness.

Pickled Chanterelles

500 g.     Chanterelle mushrooms

250 ml.   White wine vinegar

125 ml.   Water

60 g.       Sugar

sprig.      Fresh thyme

2.            Bay leaves

10.          Black peppercorns

1 tblsp.   Sea salt

Dry fry the mushrooms over a moderate heat so that they start to release moisture & continue until they have given up most of there moisture, at this point sprinkle with the salt.

Add all of the remaining ingredients & bring to a simmer, continue to simmer for 3 minutes.

Remove the mushrooms & place in a pickling jar, when the jar is full add enough liquid to cover the mushrooms.



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