New route to Bordeaux

Exciting week for all aboard the Rosa this week, after cruising between Montauban & Agen this week we move the other side of Agen to cruise to St Emilion, one of France’s premier wine producing area.



As wel as a visit to St Emilion vineyards there are visits to an artisan fromargerie, Marmande, famous for tomatoes, to the market & GAEC du Rounagle to Armagnac distillery.


We also pass through Bazas famous for the amazing rare breed Bazas beef & Buzet a small but well known wine appellation that produces wine similar to Bordeaux Medoc.

From a chefs point of view it gets even benter because over the next few weeks we have coming into season wild mushrooms including Ceps, Truffles, Walnuts & Chestnuts all found in abundance in the area.

image As well as Bazas beef we also have salt marsh lamb from the marshes reclaimed from the sea just below Bordeaux & eels from the mighty Garonne.




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  1. Mushroom season!!! I’m in Basque Country so I hope mushroom season is kicking off here too!


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