Dorade Royale

light summery main course from dinner tonight aboard the Finesse.


Dorade Royale known as Sea Bream in the U.K, served with bok Choc, asparagus, sous vide braised baby fennel &sauce vierge with some yellow cocktail tomatoes added to the classic recipe.


A classic sauce vierge is made up of extra virgin olive oil, concase tomato dice,  capers,  shallots, parsley, basil seasoning.

The rinsed capers & finely diced shallots are added the olive oil & warmed to just above blood temperature, then left to infuse, just before serving add all the other ingredients and warm the sauce again but do not over heat ass you don’t want to cook the tomatoes & herbs as this will destroy the texture & flavour required.

A simple & great sauce to serve with most firm white fish fillets such as John Dory, Sea Bass or Bream.


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