Barge kitchen

As with most hospitality environments most of the space on the barge is devoted to guest space to create as much comfort as possible, as I have posted some pictures of the living space on the barge I thought it would be good to add some pictures of the kitchen area.


A free standing cooker with 5 gas rings & double oven, sous vide water circulator, currently filled with duck confit, & a thermomix on top of chefs service fridge.


Work surface for plating which will hold 8 plates during lunch & dinner service, not the biggest kitchen in the world but adequate for serving 8 guests on a daily basis.


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  1. Jennifer Barnett says:

    Hi Mike

    I’ve been following you now for two seasons and think your food is fabulous. But I don’t know how you do it is such a confined space – hats off to you.

    Just back from France myself and where I was just out of Cluny the weather was certainly Autumnesque, but the colours of the trees reminded me of my home in Canberra, Australia during Autumn one of the best times to visit Australia’s capital city.

    Enjoy the remaining weeks of the canal boating season.

    All the best



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