Summer “Cassoulet”

Being a local classic dish with certain rules about the contents of a Cassoulet, I should probably use the term cassoulet loosely for this dish.

A classic Cassoulet is heavy with duck fat, pork belly, Toulouse sausage & confit duck, as well as haricot blanc beans.

A dish far to heavy for the 30 degree temperatures of Gascony in the summer.

This dish is much lighter with the base being coco beans & flageolet beans sitting in a broth of chicken & duck stock flavoured with star anise.
Then added are small toulouse sausage dumplings & Moulard duck legs confited sous vide on the Rosa.
The dish is finished with fevs, peas, courgettes, carrots & violet cauliflower.

A dish suitable for the high temperatures of summer here with the essence of a “Cassoulet”.





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