Colder weather

Now that the weather is turning a little colder we start to introduce warming soups to the menu, a couple of additions to the menu in the last week. A veloute of Cauliflower with florets of violet cauliflower, orange cauliflower, Romanesque & micro corriander. A veloute of Jerusalem artichoke ( sun choke ) with pulled…

Mushroom season

Mushroom season is well underway here in Aquataine, stunningly beautiful fresh mushrooms. Yellow Chanterelles, Trompette Noir & Girolles. King of the fungi, the mighty Cep mushroom ( Boletus edulis ), so lucky to be working with such great ingredients. One of the tricks to cooking really fresh Ceps is to remove the spongy part underneath…

Vegetarian starter

Vegetarian starter, shallot tarte tatin served with griddles leek, fresh walnut, pickled silverskin onions & blue cheese beignets.


Latest menu complete with wines & cheese aboard the Rosa.