Dinner tonight aboard the Finesse, herb crusted fillet of lamb served on a bed of wilted spinach, fondant potatoes, baby carrots, banana shallots, roasted garlic purée & broad beans. Lamb fillet is cooked sous vide at 56 centigrade for 45 minutes before being sealed in a frying pan, brushed with Dijon mustard & the…

Bouillbaisse !

Bouillbaisse is a classic french fish stew from Marseille usually served in a deep bowl, on the Rosa we serve all the components laid out on a plate so they can be seen clearly, then at the table we pour the thick rich sauce onto the plate which brings the dish alive in front of…

Venison & wild mushrooms

Loin of venison served with a wild mushroom pie filled with yellow & grey chanterelles & pied de mouton, caramelized parsnip purée, braised silver skin onions, wilted spinach & port & chocolate sauce.

Guinea fowl & carrots

Rolled supreme of Guinea fowl on a bed of spinach with purple & yellow carrots, baby carrots, braised silver skin onions, roasted ratte potatoes & Madeira sauce.


Loin of Venison served with red cabbage purée, celeriac fondant & celeriac purée, savoy cabbage, pickled yellow chanterelles & a chocolate & red currant sauce.   The venison loin cooked was sous vide at 52 degrees for 45 minutes with a tablespoon of duck fat & two sprigs of time, then pan seared before being…

Wood Pigeon

Breast of wood pigeon with a pitithier of confit pigeon leg & wild mushrooms, “risotto” of spelt grain, beetroot & confit pigeon leg, spinach, compressed candy beetroot & pigeon sauce.