Tarte Au Citron

Dessert from this weeks menu on the Rosa. Deconstructed “Tarte Au Citron” set Lemon cream, Paillette Feuillettine, Basil & Lime sorbet. Set lemon cream is lemon purée cooked out in a thermomix with cream & eggs, then set in the fridge, served with Paillette Feuillettine which is broken up pieces of very crispy crepe biscuit…

Seasonal starter

A seasonal starter of ingredients from local producers market. Wild asparagus (Ornithogalum pyrenacium) with asparagus purée, fevs, pumpkin seeds, crispy Coppa D’Perigord & hollandaise espuma.

La Ferme de Cabriole

Chefs love getting out looking for great produce, today out looking for cheese I found La Ferme de Cabriole, producer of le Cathare  cheese mentioned in a previous post. Situated near the town of Saint Felix the farm covers 65 hectares of grassland, with a herd of 120 dairy goats & cows, brunnets, after using…


Part of the enjoyment of being a travelling chef working on a barge  is the opportunity to go out & discover new produce. On the Rosa all the cheese is now being sourced from the south west of France, using small artisan cheese makers. The first new cheese added to this list of fifteen cheeses…

Agen Market

Shopping for dinner at Agen market, completely spoilt by stunning seasonal local produce, four types of asparagus, three local varieties of strawberries, courgettes with flowers attached & first cherries of the season, looks like fois gras with cherries this week ! Turbot day boat caught was to much to resist !!!!!