La Ferme de Cabriole

Chefs love getting out looking for great produce, today out looking for cheese I found La Ferme de Cabriole, producer of le Cathare  cheese mentioned in a previous post.image Situated near the town of Saint Felix the farm covers 65 hectares of grassland, with a herd of 120 dairy goats & cows, brunnets, after using different breeds of dairy cow these browns cows were bought in from Switzerland to go there cheese a distinctive rich taste.image they produce a wide range of  chèvre & vache cheese, in all styles.imageAfter a look around the creamery at production & some inevitable tasting in the shop, all in aid of the job of course, we selected three new cheeses, having already selected Le Cathare, for the cheese list on the Rosa. Firstly we picked out an unusual cheese, in that it is layers of Chèvre &. Vache cheese in the same brick called Cayrou.image      It has a layer of goats cheese in between two layers of cows cheese, it’s a bit in the style of Chaouruce. Second we picked out Cabrie.imageThis is a goats milk style Brie, but unlike any Brie I have ever eaten before, such depth of  flavour unlike the bland awful supermarket Brie we have become accustomed to, long may this farm stay a hidden treasure away from the supermarket buyers. finally we picked out another unusual cheese, although after tasting I would happily have taken all the cheeses home with me, Tomme Zebree.image I love  this cheese, named for it appearance, but flavour is remarkable from the blued lines through this pressed cows milk cheese, they also make Tomme Girafe & Tomme Tigree with different flavourings through them, but as lover of blue cheese it had to be the Zebree, it reminds me a bit of a famous french cheese Morbier. Before leaving I couldn’t resist buying a couple of Cathares.image One for the guests & one for the chef, long may this beautiful artisan farm go on producing amazing cheeses & I am already looking forward to a trip back in a couple of weeks to top supplies, especially now I get a discount.

Off to Rocamadour & Roquefort tomorrow to continue the cheese tour of the Midi Pyrenee.


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