2019 season aboard Finesse barge

Getting ready for new season aboard Finesse.

Having the winter off for the first time, doing lots of travelling has inspired lots of new dishes including John Dory with coconut and mango sauce, black garlic with strawberry and yoghurt dessert, foie gras trifle as a starter, fermented white asparagus with duck egg yolk and pumpkin seed.

Also working on duck dish with breast, confit, fennel, artichoke, dill and orange which still needs testing.

As the season goes along and these dishes are tested and served I will post photographs and recipes, also there will be new articles about sous vide cooking, dehydrating and fermenting as all of these are becoming more prominent in my cooking.

I have a deep love of making desserts and pastry so as the season progresses I will post about modern dessert making and mixing savoury flavours into desserts.

Looking forward to getting back into the kitchen and meeting lots of new guests.

First cruise is on 5th May.


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