Maigret du Canard

Dinner entree of Maigret du Canard, fondant de pomme de terre, Fenouil, Nectarines, Dill, Sauce Bigarade.

Bigarade in English means bitter Orange, the sauce begins with a caramel to which you add the juice of orange, lemon! lime & star anise, when this has become syrupy you add the zest. This then add.ed to to base sauce made from duck stock, brown chicken stock & Banyuls, the sauce is the finished with season ing and raspberry vinegar.

the Maigret du Canard we use on the boat are from local Gascon Foie Gras ducks, the breasts are larger than usual, they are from Mulard ducks which are a cross breed between Muscovy ducks & a female Pekin duck used by most Foie Gras farmers in the region, this means when cooked they do not dry out like a lot of smaller breeds of ducks, because of there size they also yield two generous portions per breast.







To accompany the duck we serve a Chateau De Camarsac.

Chateau Camarsac is located at Entre-Deux-Mers wine region which is located between the Garonne & Dordogne rivers hence it’s name.

Chateau Camarsac is run by the Lurton family whose ancestors planted there first vines in 1650 & generations have been growing in area ever since, today it consists of 1300 hectares & 27 domains.



It’s a medium to. Full bodied blend of 35% merlot & 65% Cabernet Sauvignon  with lots of ripe red fruit & spice & a hint of oak .



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